IGM, as requested by BIM of Cascia Consortium that joins all the Valnerina municipalities of Perugia province, promotes the Geologic Park of Valnerina and Geologic Study Center Project to value and encourage the geologic patrimony that is widespread in all the municipalities of the Valnerina district.

logoValnerinaThe Geologic Park of Valnerina shows a “collection” of geosites of particular geologic interest and meaning, organized by phenomena and geologic era. 18 geosites, collected in a pamphlet for turists, in a technical guide for geologist and in a field exercises book for children, testifying processes that lead and modelled our planet and furnishing an essential contribute to understand the geologic history of this region.



425021_344252102323822_715923305_nThe Geologic Study Center-CGS, co-managed by IGM and Legambiente Umbria, is settled at the CEA-Environmental Experience Center “Il Sentiero” at Poggiodomo and is equipped according to the universities needs in order to integrate the field survey with the observation and analysis of the geologic samples collected.


CEA/CSG activities are :

- educational-scientific and naturalistic laboratory;10470882_654541124628250_3766306986006325293_o
- field trip survey;
- turistic field trip for one person or groups;
- educational training in the geoscience and environmental field;
- promotional venues for local development of cultural, environmental and enogastronomic heritage of Valnerina;
- voluntary work experience in environmental field;
- accomodation for tourists/backpacker looking for relaxing and close contact with nature.


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