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margot“Concerto per Margot. Il coraggio delle donne”

.Si è tenuto sabato 12 Marzo alle ore 21 alla Sala dei Notari (Perugia) il “concerto per Margot. Il coraggio delle donne”. More then 40 artists played for free in a sort of alleance among music, cultural world, territorial association and business comunity against geneder violence. Aim of the concert is to implement the microcredit for the gender violence, a sort of loan for the women victim of violence to restart their life, promoted by Libertas Margot association. Everything was coordinated by Conservatorio di Perugia F. Morlacchi, the  Aurora Choir of Bastia Umbra and the  Città of Bastia choir, the Perugia municipality – Perugia youth capital,  the University of Perugia and the Libertas Margot association with the main sponsor of di Int.Geo.Mod srl., TREE srl., CARE srl and strada dei Vini del Cantico.

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