IGM sponsor of GetEnergy VTEC MENA 2017 – Milan

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We are glad to collaborate as Bronze sponsor in the Event Partner with Getenergy VTEC MENA meeting, taking place on 26th – 27th January 2017 in Milan.
The event supports companies in the optimisation of training strategies, informs the strategic direction of local’s talent development and assists local education systems in better aligning with the industry’s needs. For more information http://mena.getenergyevent.com/

Final cerimony of IPGC5

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Final Ceremony of Integrated Petroleum Geosciences Course IPGC5 (2015/2016) at Perugia University. 14 participants, 6 countries from Asia and Africa, 7 months training path, and over 25 courses on the field and in classroom!!!!

IGM thanks the Physics and Geology Department of Perugia and greets all the participants. Good luck to:

Euclides, Ama, Claudia, Queen, Eddy, Hnin, Alexis, Jati, Marc, Azim, Myo, Richard, Pierric, Dorothy


IGM at GetEnergy Global 2016, London

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IGM will be in London at GetEnergy Global 2016 from 15th to 17th May at University of Perugia stand.
Getenergy Global 2016, to be held on the 15-17th May at the Business Design Centre, London, is the event that connects the oil & gas industry, governments and education & training to support the localisation of operations and efficiency drive in business wide learning and development.

For more details http://getenergyevent.com/getenergy-global-2016/

IGM sponsor of ICPSG – International Congress on “Paleozoic stratigraphy of Gondwana”

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gondwanaIGM is one of the main sponsor of ICPSG – International Congress on “Paleozoic stratigraphy of Gondwana” that will be held in Perugia from 14th to 16th April 2016 at Hotel Giò.

The Congress is organized jointly by the Department of Physics and Geology (University of Perugia, Italy) and Arianzamin Pars Geological Center of Teheran, Iran (APGC). It will be addressed to promote interdisciplinary approaches, to make the state-of-the-art and to expand the knowledge on the Palaeozoic Gondwana realm. The Congress aims to provide an opportunity for constructive interactions between academia and industry in exchanging ideas, perspectives and challenges.


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margot“Concerto per Margot. Il coraggio delle donne”

.Si è tenuto sabato 12 Marzo alle ore 21 alla Sala dei Notari (Perugia) il “concerto per Margot. Il coraggio delle donne”. More then 40 artists played for free in a sort of alleance among music, cultural world, territorial association and business comunity against geneder violence. Aim of the concert is to implement the microcredit for the gender violence, a sort of loan for the women victim of violence to restart their life, promoted by Libertas Margot association. Everything was coordinated by Conservatorio di Perugia F. Morlacchi, the  Aurora Choir of Bastia Umbra and the  Città of Bastia choir, the Perugia municipality – Perugia youth capital,  the University of Perugia and the Libertas Margot association with the main sponsor of di Int.Geo.Mod srl., TREE srl., CARE srl and strada dei Vini del Cantico.

more info at http://www.margotproject.org/wp/?p=1653


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IGM is glad to partecipate at the conference on the Umbria Parks that will be held at EXPO’ on 27th of October to present the project The Geologic Park of Valnerina


Saturday 30 May, IGM and the VII day of Mine and VIII G&T day

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Saturday 30 May, Poggiodomo (CSG-CEA “Il Sentiero”). IGM organize a geologic field trip at the iron mine of Terargo – M. Birbone (Monteleone di Spoleto), for the event organized by Umbria Geologist Association, BIM, Poggiodomo municipality, Monteleone di Spoleto district and Geologic Park of Valnerina, in conjunction with VII day of mine and VIII G&T day “Geoturism, a work opportunity for geologist. The turistic potential of the geologic heritage of Valnerina” Contact us for booking at 075-46749 or send us an e-mail at info@intgeomod.com.


IGM presents “Geoturism in Valnerina: work in progress”

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Friday 26 March at 16.00 at Room A of ex Agriculture faculty IGM presents a workshop: Geoturism in Valnerina: work in progress”. The workshop is free and open.

workshop IGM

IGM and the environmental behaviour of Umbrian citizens

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IGM is glad to partecipate to the conference organized by the Umbria Region about the environmental behaviour of Umbrian citizens, that will be held in Perugia on Friday 20 February at Palazzo Donini


IGM and Legambiente Umbria together for CEA and Valnerina Geologic Park

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21 January 2015 IGM stipulated a framework agreement with Legambiente Umbria to promote the CEA and the GEOLOGIC PARK, at national and international level, in the environmental, geological and touristic field, aimed to the development of the Valnerina area and its naturalistic peculiarities. The scope of this agreement is the integrated management of the CEA structure (Education and Environmental experience center) and of the Geologic Park through the promotion of projects, research, lessons, venues and events about environment, nature, geology and tourism.

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