IGM business focus is on the geological studies and consultancies applied to the research, exploration, development of georesources and on the engineering geology assessments for large civil works (roads, tunnels, dams, etc.). In addition to these industry operational fields, IGM organises and implements practical training courses for both IOC/NOC and government organisations, in cooperation with its Parent University and many others worldwide.

  • oil”: geological and geophysical services and independent consultancy for the petroleum industry
  • “education”: “on field” and  “on class”  training courses for NOCs / IOCs personnel
  • “gis and communication”:creation of GIS database and georeferenced thematic maps
  • “geothermics and gren energy”: modeling for a sustainable use of geothermal resources
  • “soil & subsoil”: 3D model, GPR, non-invasive surveys
  • “geotourism”: projects, courses and events voted to promote the regional and national geotouristic heritage through the new technologies and ICT;
  • “environment”: environmental studies aimed to the evaluation and minimization of the effects on the environment of the use of energetic resources; proposal for the territorial development according to criteria of environmental sustainability;
  • “research & development”: design and development of technologic prototypes for environmental survey, planning of mobile app for territorial valorisation and environmental education/knowledge.