IGM has a long-time experience in the organization and planning of professional training path and/or formation modules in the subsoil geology and exploration subjects, with teachers of proven references to different levels of deepening.

Our Italian or English courses can be daily or weekly (short course and field trip), monthly (long course and professional courses), quarterly and annual (training path). For their fulfillment, IGM, takes advantage of the cooperation of senior professor of the UNIPG and of international expert consultants in the geoscience field.

In order to guarantee a multidisciplinary approach, in addition to lectures, field trips aimed to the observation on outcrop of the various sedimentary environments illustrated during lessons can be organized. IGM courses always include a number of class exercises, carried out through the use of work-stations with 3D software.

Our point of strength is the possibility to customize the courses (adjusting it on the costumer’s needs) modifying the level of difficulty, the period, the teaching methodology. Furthermore our in-house courses can profit of the facilities of the parent University (classrooms, labs, workstation, etc…)

In particular our “educational” offer provides:

  • Training path in geoscience and petroleum geology of variable duration and customized on the costumer’s needs.
  • Field trip focused on the comprehension of the complex Apennine structures and their evolution until today, and on the study of the field analogs and the practice on the field.
  • Short & long curses centered on the petroleum geology, or geoscience in general, at different levels, and taking advantage of the facilities available at IGM and Earth Science Department.

For our courses IGM also works with professional teachers from our Italian and foreign partners.