IGM  has the required knowledge and expertise to study and numerically model the geodynamic of subsurface environments holding the right skills for multidisciplinary research, evaluation and sustainable use of geothermal resources, in particular for the applications to medium (90°-150°, direct use) and high enthalpy (150°-300°, use for electricity).

Recent technological innovations, new policies and regulations are pushing for an increase in the use of this energy source, which has zero environmental impact. The evaluation of the thermic resource potential needs an integration of geophysics and geological quantitative data from surface and subsurface. Only a multidisciplinary approach can define the geothermic reservoir potential and the best project solution that combine the sustainable use of the resource and the environmental protection. The integrated modeling can identify the presence of water reservoirs of economic interest and their charge area, and evaluate the thermic potential of the region.

IGM offers:

  • Previous geologic, geophysical and hydrogeological data collection in order to define the best area for the resource development
  • Geodatabase creation using data from geology, gravimetry, heat flow, Pco2, geothermic, wells, geophysics, gas emission, thermal source
  • Reconstruction of deep geostructural settings for the geothermal modeling, through the creation of geoseismic section and 3D model of the subsurface
  • Detailed model at regional scale of the underground thermic condition and of the migration process of the fluids
  • Geothermic potential evaluation
  • Surface geological data collection and geophysics prospection for the best exploration drill site evaluation
  • Geochemical studies of water, gas and stable isotopes
  • Studies on the area to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact