radarIGM is a leading company in the field of subsoil mapping, combining experience of own professional staff with an academic-scientific approach.

In particular, IGM has developed its own product tailored on the new management needs of the sub-services through the integration of the detection systems GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) with the systems of georeferencing SIT/GIS, in order to provide a database essential to a rational management, implementation and maintenance of all types of underground services in urban and suburban area.


IGM offers to public and private company different services:

  • Survey and georeferencing service on the existing and/or under construction  infrastructure
  • Georeferencing service of subsoil mapping through the most advanced Georadar technology (GPR) and the best dedicated software in order to identify and 2D-3D rendering of the buried nets and structures
  • Georeferencing service of infrastructure layout and work plan supplied by the client
  • Geodatabase creation and upgrade for the management of the database of buried structures and artifacts
  • GIS creation for the integrated management of the technologic nets

With a minimum initial investment, the local administration and/or the owner/managing authority has the possibility to handle a powerful, georeferenced and easily updatableinstrument (a real “net register”) to monitoring the entire net, plan the maintenance, know the exact position of the work and manage the lines and the breakdown.