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Senior Geologist

Work experience

  • Marianna is member of IntGeoMod Srl since October 2015, and consultant for projects and environmental studies.
    From 2013 she is a frelance professional, making consultancies for italian and international Engineering company
  • She cooperates in project for major public works and public tender taking care of geologic, geothecnical and environmental aspects. These projects dealt with buildings, streets, railways and territorial stabilization and safety.
  • From 2012 is member of Technic-Scientific Committee for Green Building Council Italia, for the editing of the register GBC Quarter, for the geologic, geotechnique and seismic aspects, for the requalification of sustainable areas and districts.  
  • In the 2013 teached “geologic and seismic problems for a territorial planning and sustainable city planning at Università degli Studi di Ferrara for the Universitary Master I level “STEP Sustainable Town Environmental Planning.

Main projects

• preliminary, definitive and executive projects for street work,
• preliminary, definitive and executive projects for railway work,
• preliminary, definitive and executive projects for buildings,
• projects for production of electricity,
• preliminary, definitive and executive projects for territorial stabilization and safety,
• characterization of contaminated sites and reclamation projects,
• environmental impact studies,
• environmental impact assessment,
• seismic microzonation studies,
• geological studies for implementation and private intervention plans,
• planning for the plantation of quarries,
• editing of numerous plans of the use of soil and excavated earthen material,
• Validations.

 Area of expertise

  • Geologic and getechnique projects, characterization of contaminated sites, seismic micro-zonation, environmental impact studies, validations.


  • Master degree geologic science, Università degli Studi di Perugia.

Professional qualifications

  • Licensed Professional Geologist