Parco Geologico della Valnerina

Parco Geologico della Valnerina

An open-air geological laboratory

The Valnerina is a large open-air laboratory of Geology, where it is possible to find a variety of geological sites of significant scientific interest (geosites) in a relatively small area. This is difficult to find in other territories, both national and European, making Valnerina a destination for excursions by Italian, European and American universities. In 2015 the B.I.M of Cascia established a Geological Park with the aim of enhancing the tourist potential of the geological heritage of the Valnerina and making the many areas of geological-environmental value in its territory accessible to all.

The B.I.M. entrusted IGM with the design of the Park's educational, informative and scientific material. Work carried out under the supervision of Prof. Barchi of the Section of Structural Geology and Geophysics of the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Perugia. The Park currently has 18 locations that are particularly significant and suitable for understanding the geological phenomena and processes of this territory. More info at


What we do

IGM offers guided geotourism tours inside the park with treks of varying duration and level of difficulty, for passionate users, students of all levels, consultancy for industry experts and researchers and collaborates in graduate thesis work on geosites. To encourage dissemination and knowledge, three brochures have been created for different audiences: children, tourists and experts.

The first is an introduction to what geology is and who the geologist is, the second describes in simple language the various geosites of the Park, while the third is of help to teachers and enthusiasts to plan a geological stay in Valnerina. In support of this last booklet we have created a geological map that also shows some itineraries that allow you to admire the different geosites.

Porta del Parco is the village of Sant’Anatolia di Narco, where illustrative panels of the Park, geosites and activities that can be done in it have been placed.

Other panels, illustrating two interesting geotourist itineraries, among other things, can be found in Poggiodomo. Furthermore, here, at the “Il Sentiero” environmental education center, we have contributed to setting up a geological laboratory to support the schools and universities that stay there. Download at