A new way
of doing business
Spin-off project winner of the "Start Cup Ed. 2008" award, IGM takes shape with the aim of giving a productive impact to an idea born in the context of university research, integrating an academic reality (the Section of Structural Geology and Geophysics of the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Perugia) with an entrepreneurial reality (the IGR Snc of Flavio Buratti & C.).

Our goal is to foster contact between university research structures, the productive world and local institutions, to develop the territory, spread know-how and encourage new technologies.

The spin off is an important mechanism for enhancing scientific research and technology transfer to the production world

By European Trend Chart on Innovation, 2002

Let's plan
the future together

Our main objectives are:

work on the territory with institutions in order to enhance and preserve it, through the presentation of development projects on European funds, with the support of our technological infrastructures


export academic knowledge to the business world through the '' organization of dedicated and customizable advanced training courses


develop research and development projects in the field of new technologies, modeling of the subsoil and for the use of georesources