Commitment to Smart Cities and rural areas

IGM focuses on the design and implementation of integrated projects for the development and enhancement of the regional and national territory, collaborating with public and private entities.

Our methodology provides for the procurement of public funding and the shared development of territorial marketing projects and technological innovation based on the needs of the client, the resident population, and the tourism sector

Rural Development: a success story

Note: IGM’s success rate in submitting public / private rural development projects financed with ERDF / PSR / POR / other EU-public funds


Our idea of ​​territorial development

The integrated and shared design created by IGM is based on four cornerstones: listening to the territory, environment and landscape, innovation, inclusion

Within the Portfolio section (link) you can see our main achievements and ongoing projects. Our territorial marketing services include:

research and study of territories, peculiarities, drafting of strategic territorial marketing plans and masterplans

research and fund raising activities for public and private entities in the context of the development of rural and non-rural areas

presentation of projects in public tenders, follow-up activities, project management and reporting to obtain funding

development of integrated projects for the territory, such as: survey and development of paths, creation of thematic routes, promotion of cultural and environmental assets, territorial marketing and related branding, promotion and environmental awareness

technological innovation projects and territorial promotion through the by-way system (logo and connection) and the creation of apps for IOS / Android devices

IntGeoMod projects develop the territory in a sustainable and inclusive way, in line with the guidelines and planning of: