New technologies and applied research

IGM is constantly engaged in Research and Development activities, aimed at the conception of technological prototypes, IT infrastructures, research projects, applied in various areas on the territory.

This is accompanied by many years of experience in research, study and numerical modeling of the subsoil in different geodynamic environments and multidisciplinary skills necessary for the research, evaluation and use of georesources, both in the geothermal and hydrocarbon fields.

Our R&D services

We design and develop different Research and Development activities, through European planning and public or private funding. Our services include:

design and construction of technological prototypes, in partnership with Siralab Robotics

studies for geothermal research, through the integrated interpretation of surface and subsoil data (seismic, well, geophysical)

support in the exploration phases for the exploration of hydrocarbons, interpretation of seismic and geological datasets relating to exploration permits

acquisition and interpretation of GPR data for research of underground utilities or anthropogenic structures, also for geo-archaeological purposes

implementation and management of GIS / SIT projects

development of interactive computer applications for the territory

bathymetric surveys in shallow waters with the use of marine drones