IGM plan and project technologic prototypes for the environmental survey and mobile app for the territorial valorisation and the environmental education/knowledge.

IGM in collaboration with Siralab Robotics ltd  developed a prototype of marine drone (Unmanned Surface Vessel).

HYDROMETRA is aan Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) of contained dimensions, with electric propulsion and limited draft, ideal for inspection and survey of the bottom of shallow water basins, normally not detected by conventional vehicle. the drone has an autonomous navigation system with preordered path and a navigation software that allows to correct the course and fixing the position even with bad weather conditions, also thanks to the double coaxial electric propeller. Its on-board instrumentation is made of Single Beam (SBES), a Side Scan Sonar (SSS) with CHIRP technology with ECHO and DOWNVISION. Furthermore underwater IR and surface cameras are available.

Due to its characteristics Hydrometra can operate in many field of work like archeology, technical geology, biology, oceanography, botany and ichthyology:


-Bottom maps and sonic sections;

-Echo sections for bottom evaluation;;

-3D bottom maps;

-Biotic communities map (benthos and nekton);

-Mapping to reveal anomalies and/or artifacts;

-Lithological bottom map;

-Mapping of wrecks and archaeological evidences;

-Environmental monitoring;

-Surface thermal map;

-Periodic analysis of landfills (Inland water basins, harbours, dams);

-Navigability inspection (canals, navigable rivers, harbours);

-Evaluation and structural monitoring of the water-air interface (dams, platforms, semi-submerged structures);

-Documentary and reportage shooting.