• Creation, organization and management of GIS project
  • Georeferenced database creation
  • Direct data acquisition on the field and processing
  • Thematic map realization (geologic, naturalistic, pathways, etc.)
  • Territorial analysis (geomorfologiche, idrologiche, idrogeologiche, etc.)

IGM  also work in the environmental comunication, creating and designing app and tool for smartphone on environmental subject.

egeo compasseGEO compass is an IGM product, designed for the use in field surveys by geologists and engineers.
Allows the measure of both Dips (Dip-Azimuth and Dip-Angle) and Lineations of any surface/linear element without having to level the compass. Just lie down the phone on the plane or align its long side with the elongated element and click “Save”.



ubUmbria Blu is an App designed by business network ONE (One Network for the Environment) in collaboration with Regione Umbria. UB is one of the 20 App of Umbria App suite, and it takes us  discovering rivers and lakes of Umbria Region. Through itinerary and guided route, it’s possible to reach the main interest point of interest and discover the autochthonous flora and fauna that live the shore and the water of these beautiful places. In every section there is a photo gallery and an Identity card with more geographic  information about extension, municipality and managing institution of the area. In this release: Trasimeno Lake, Nera River, Tiber River.