“The spin-off is an important mechanism for the valorisation of research results and for the transfer of technology from universities to the market”

(European trend chart on innovation 2002)

INTGEOMOD Srl Company, born in 2009 as a spin-off of University of Perugia and recognised with the prize of the “Start Cup 2008 Competition” as one of the best business-scientific projects company, represents now the original idea of the integration of the academic research (the section of structural geology and geophysics of the Department of the Earth Science of the University of Perugia) and the business world (IGR Snc of Flavio Buratti & C.).

The establishment and the activity of a spin-off company are settled by art.3 comma 1b – law 297 of July, 27th 1999 and by art.11 – D.M.593 of August, 8th 2000.

According to this legal framework, the aim of a spin-off company is to develop and industrialize the technical achievements of the academic research. So, our main aim is to favour the contact between academic research structures, productive world and local organizations, to spread know-how and technologies.

The Earth Science Department of the University of Perugia, Parent University of the company, makes available its expertise cooperating through specific agreements, and its scientific facilities and resources, opening the University and its knowledge to the business world.

The common mission of every business line is the release in the market of academic knowledge and technologies that are likely to remain unexploited or confined in the university.

“If we want a new world, we must start with education”, this is also our idea and IGM represents a business generator with two specific purposes: 1) to participate and develop industrial research in different georesources; 2) to improve human resources of NOC’s and IOC’s by making recourse to customized high-level training path, as an ongoing development instruments.

IGM business is focused on the following main lines of business:

  • “oil: geological and geophysical services and independent consultancy for the petroleum industry
  • “education: “on field” and  “on class”  training courses for NOCs / IOCs personnel
  • “gis and communication: creation of GIS database and georeferenced thematic maps
  • geothermics: modeling for a sustainable use of geothermal resources
  • “soil & subsoil”: 3D model, GPR, non-invasive surveys
  • “environment”: environmental studies in order to evaluate and minimize the effects of the energetic resource’s use on the environment; proposal on the territorial development following environmental sustainability criteria.
  • “research & development”: project design and development of technologic prototype for the environmental monitoring, mobile app for territorial valorisation and environmental education/promotion purpose.