Tracking and GPS mapping of the seismic crater area of ​​the province of Perugia

The project, commissioned by the LAG Valle Umbra and Sibillini and financed by PSR funds of the Umbria Region, is part of the monitoring, recovery and enhancement of the Sentierisca network of the Valle Umbra and Valnerina following the 2016 Norcia earthquake. : 1. The GPS survey of 1,101 km of trails over an area of ​​1,396 sq km 2. The creation of a database of 192 gpx tracks 3. Design of 141 trail boards with 219 pose locations


GAL Valle Umbra e Sibillini


Geological surveys - Design - Pathways - Database and GIS




Project carried out on PSR Umbria Region 2014-2020 funds, Submeasure 7.6.1 Redevelopment and enhancement of rural areas - Intervention for Gal Valle Umbra and Sibillini

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